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Redneck Server Farm

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sboesch, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. sboesch

    sboesch Member

    I saw this today and had to share.
  2. sotech

    sotech New Member

    DIY rack? Nice! I do wonder, though - I can see a bunch of IDE cables and PCI ports... I wonder whether you'd need more than one current (say, S2011) server to outpace all eight of those systems put together? :p
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Administrator Staff Member

    Would not even be close competition compared to a low end LGA 2011 CPU. VGA era video cards and I see only PCI slots (not sure if this was even pre-AGP.) Looks also like no more than two onboard USB ports so probably Pentium III to Pentium IV era.
  4. odditory

    odditory Moderator

    Yeah kinda funny to think a Galaxy III runs circles around this mess.
  5. dba

    dba Moderator

    Look lower right in the photo and you'll see... AltherNet! We're talking parallel port peer-to-peer networking from circa 1994.

  6. sotech

    sotech New Member

    Yikes. I wonder what we'll be doing 18 years from now which will make our current stuff look like that (relatively speaking)...
  7. cactus

    cactus Moderator

    Dual 80mm fan PSUs and squirrel cage CPU coolers makes me think this is K7/P3-earlyP4 days. That was probably a OK home compute setup back in the day.

    I was cleaning out a closet over the weekend and found a P2 CPU/Mobo, a few P3 computers, P4 CPU/Mobo and a 6GB Quantum Bigfoot (3/8 the size of the RAM in my desktop). It is all nerd wall art at this point.
  8. Patrick

    Patrick Administrator Staff Member

    Wow! I had a 2GB Quantum Bigfoot and that thing was HUGE at 5.25" and expensive back in the day.

    Are the P3 cartridge versions? (IIRC there were both socket and slot configs)

    Looks like the OP's post has socket coolers.
  9. sboesch

    sboesch Member

    I actually found a Tyan Tomcat dual Pentium II board with two 400mhz processors and 512mb of ram in a static bag in my basement last week. That was my old NT4.0 and later 2000 server.
  10. cactus

    cactus Moderator

    2 Slot1 P3s and a few old Socket370 P3 "Book" computers. I have a BP6 laying around also with dual 366As in it and a pair of 500 Celerons I was going to "upgrade" to.
  11. Jeggs101

    Jeggs101 Member

    Dual overclocked celerons were amazing. Too bad Intel stopped dual low end cpu configs.
  12. sboesch

    sboesch Member

    I had the old celeron 300a, that beast would run @ 450+ without breaking a sweat.
  13. S-F

    S-F Member

    Ha ha. Check out my first file server:


    Here's the first PC I built:


    Here's the second:

  14. Patrick

    Patrick Administrator Staff Member

    You know that I have three aluminum trays that look very similar to your third picture. :) No HD or water mounts. I just needed something to get stuff out of the way.
  15. sboesch

    sboesch Member

    And another...

  16. Patrick

    Patrick Administrator Staff Member

    Was thinking that the pink wallpaper was amazing then I saw the servers. Funny note... integrated server graphics would probably be from the same era as those cards... maybe low end in that era...

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